Accessibility first.

Textalk Media has a complete product suite to produce and distribute accessible and mainstream products. The suite can retrieve material from publisher's InDesign, QuarkXPress or PDF documents. It provides features for production, distribution and subscription control allowing the material to be distributed in multiple channels such as inclusive apps for Android and iOS.

The Textalk Media Suite

The Textalk Media Suite


A web based tool for extracting and structuring content from fixed layout PDF, InDesign or QuarkXPress documents into EPUB3, dtbook, HTML and custom formats. Read more at


An inclusive hub with REST API’s for managing and synchronizing users, equipments, newspaper titles, magazine issues and books with a built-in DODP v1 and v2 service.

DAISY audio production

A web based tool for managing and converting your audio based, talking newspapers, magazines and books to DAISY, MP3, HTML etc.


All-you-can-read newspaper service supporting both DODP v1 and v2. Designed for people with dyslexia and the visually impaired.


We provide expertise in developing websites for everyone. Our great focus on accessibility ensures high usability and seo-friendly websites.


An ecosystem for publishers and brands, aiming to simplify publishing, increase accessibility and improve readers’ engagement. Read more at